Stay Away From Germs With This Water Purifier!

The #1 Water Purifier Solution Every Home Must Have

Every Home Including YOURS Need This. It Helps You To Purify Your Water By Removing Every Contaminants In Your Water​

Purify & Filter Your Drinking & Cooking Water, Remove Rust, Impurities, Dirt & Get Cleaner, Clearer, Healthier Water For Yourself and Your Family With This Our Original Water Purifier

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Why is this water purifier A must for every home?

Unknown to lots or people, the water they drink, cook, wash, bath is is the reason they fall sick and go to the hospital.

Are you getting dirty, discolored, muddy or brownish water or experiencing this problems from your tap water at home?

  • Discolored/brownish water that dirty and unhealthy to drink and cook?
  • Water that tastes “funny or weird?
  • Rust flakes or unknown particles in the water?
  • Rust stains that destroy your sink and stains on your clothes?

Research shows dirty water has killed lots of people than war and that is why you and your family must not take chances.

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1.) It is small and very easy to install

2.) It is very easy to clean

3.) Removes germs from water

4.) Gives High pressure thereby making water releases at a faster rate

5.) It has a last longing usage period.

6.) Gives your water a purity level suitable for drinking.

7.) It has a leak connector to the tap which makes it easily fix.

8.) It has a magnet to remove metal from water.

9.) It contains a zeolite (medical stone) to remove chlorine, organic matter, bacteria and other contaminants.


Will this product make the water clean and healthy to drink?
Yes, after use the water filter would make the water clean and healthy to drink.

Will this work on all types of taps?
The water filter would work on most types taps.

How do l install the water filter?
The product is very easy to use and install and comes with detailed instructions that come
with the product that show you how to install it on any tap. We would also give you an
instruction video to teach you how to apply it correctly.

I have a very dirty and brownish water in home, would this work for me?
Yes it will work for you.


1.) It gives you and your family cleaner, clearer and healthier water, safe to drink
and cook.

2.) No more funny tasting or smelling water (It makes the tap water odorless and

3.) You can refill your water dispenser and bottles from your filtered water.

4.) With this filter, your expenses on sachet, bottle or dispenser water will
reduce greatly because you will get cleaner, healthier water


1.) The filter has 5 layers of filtration to remove impurities, excess chlorine,
rust, dirt, rusts, bacteria and micro organisms.

2.) Can be used with any type of tap in your home or office. (Comes with 
faucet joints in order to fit different types of taps.)

3.) Easy to clean and can be used repeatedly and you can see how much dirt it
has removed for you.

4.) It’s very easy to install, no need to call a plumber. (You can fix it yourself)
Filters up-to 10,000 Liters of Water.


With This Water Purifier, You Are GUARANTEED With A Supply Of Germ Free Disinfected Water From Your Kitchen Tap

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Promo Offer: ₦15,000 for each pack (5 Pieces)

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Pay on Delivery available in Lagos and Ibadan. Other locations pay part commitment before order is shipped.

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