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Discover The Proven Solution that Permanently Without Any Side Effects Kills/Cures Premature Ejaculation; And Gives You Rock SOLID Erection To Last Up To 53 Minutes in Bed Within 14 Days Of Using It Or Less… 100% GUARANTEED!

…even if you have staphylococcus, gonorrhea, diabetes, hypertension or have suffered it for over 50 years.

You will be able to give your woman more rounds of deep satisfying sex and last longer for up to 53 minutes…

Are You Tired of Taking Agbo Jedi, Tramadol, Viagra, Opa Eyin, or Getting high on Alcohol and Different herbal Mixtures?

Even me… if anyone had told me, some years ago, that I would become the kind of man who is able to give women bed-shaking multiple orgasms, I would have silently screamed…

Abeg Na Lie…

But today I’m a living witness, I used it and confirmed it and I’ve vowed to help people that are having such problem to get over it.


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Then this is my story…

A lot of Nigerian men cannot perform well or last long in bed without taking agbo jedi, tramadol, viagra,opa eyin, or getting high on alcohol and different herbal mixtures.
Many others have erectile dysfunction, weak erections and impotence.
Even me… if anyone had told me, some years ago, that I would become the kind of man who is able to give women bed-shaking multiple orgasms, I would have silently screamed…

Abeg na lie….

You see, for as long as I could remember, I suffered from a serious problem.
The problem was – I had a serious case of premature ejaculation. I could only last a few seconds in bed. In fact, sometime, I will pour my akamu before penetrating a woman.

I could only last about 2 minutes on my best days

No matter what I tried, 2 minutes was the longest I could go.
Even worse, I wouldn’t be able to get my penis up again – no matter how much she tried to suck or work it.
And, to make matters worse,

My penis Was so small…

…that women use to make jest of me when they saw how small it was.
Because of this, I felt like a TOTAL FAILURE when it came to women matters.

BUT The Really Sad Thing Is…

Even after I got married, the problem continued to raise its ugly head… (and, it eventually destroyed my marriage, as you shall see)

Quick Fact:

Whether you know it or not, the fact still remains that…

Women Love Good Sex!

Not just any type of sex, but good sex – the type that makes them scream your name with pleasure as they get intense orgasms.
That is what women want… and my ex-wife was no exception.
Unfortunately, for over 3 years of our marriage…


She NEVER Enjoyed Sex With Me… Not Even Once!

(No thanks to the problem of premature ejaculation and small penis that I had)
I lost my self confident as a man when it comes to sleeping with my woman
To be honest tried my best to solve the problem
I took all these herbal stuff, from local gedi gedi ,to yoyo bitters and goko cleanser but…


…But Nothing Worked!

I just ended up wasting my money and time.
The only time i had a sting of success was when i started mixing hard drugs like Viagra, tramadol plus don Simon mixed with marijuana.
They worked a little, but these drugs almost killed me and my heart was pounding excessively
But after 3 years, the frustration began to take its toll on her. And, my once-gentle and loving wife started to nag and was always picking quarrels with me, over little things.
And, I didn’t know what to do!


So, I tried to impress her in every way possible.

Romantic dinners, expensive gifts, surprise treats, e.t.c. I thought that I could somehow distract her from the reality…
…but obviously, those things can never take the place of real sexual satisfaction that women desire.


My worst fears eventually came to pass…

When I discovered my once-faithful wife was having an affair with another man.
I will not like to get into the graphics details here… because up till now, it is still depressing. And, it will surely bring back sad memories which I don’t want to remember.


I was devastated… and couldn’t sleep for days.

I almost lost my mind! But thank goodness, because that ugly incident was actually…


A blessing in disguise

You see, at that point, I knew something had to change; or else, this shameful incident would keep happening to me repeatedly, even if I marry another woman.
And that would be too painful to bear.
…a FINAL solution to the two problems that almost ruined my life also made me ‘waste’ thousands of Naira for years, with no result.
I Never Imagined That Such A SIMPLE Solution Could Change My Life For Good
It’s so amazing!
By the way, I have also used this amazing solution to help more than 470 Nigerian men. I’m talking about real transformations in their lives, too.



I’m so sure you also want to know this secret solution that can transform you from a loser into a super-confident, and amazing lover who can give any woman intense pleasurable sexual experience.
Thanks to Lola, my then new girlfriend from okitipupa Ondo State (now my wife)
She just came into my life with loads of blessings, breakthrough and miracle 🙂
Through her Uncle, who’s a professor of Microbilogy at The Forestry research institute of Nigeria (FRIN), Ibadan, … she connected with a renowned herbal product formulator who once worked with Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories.
…and he gave his product to me.


I used it… the result was MAGICAL.

It totally renewed my manhood… and revitalized my body system.

How does it work?

These herbs stimulate the body to produce more of a chemical nerve cell called serotonin which helps reduce the anxiety level in the body.
They also control the secretion of Dopamine which gives you the ability to control sexual stimulation.
After consuming these herbs, you are relieved of stress and tension, and control sexual stimulation, so you can perform better and last longer in bed.
They also boost your energy level, and increase the flow of blood to your penis, for better erection and to prevent quick ejaculation.
A lot of people have used it to increase their sperm count and cure impotency, too.

From Bedroom Failures Into Horse Rider In Bed!


… From Lasting 2 minutes To Lasting Up To at least 37 Minutes In Bed!

MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY is made of a pure herbal ingredients in capsule form, produced to boost male sexual performance. The main mechanism of MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY is to improve sex appeal is increase reflection of nerve condition. With OKANLOMO (ONE OF A KIND) as I fondly call it, you enjoy bigger and harder erections, increase in libido and complete cure to your quick ejaculation!

MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule Kill Premature Ejaculation The Same Way Ota Pia pia kills Mosquito.

MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule today and say Bye Bye to your sexual worries for ever and ever.

Some Interesting Facts About The MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY

MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule, is a specially formulated herbal ingredients that will Make you Last Longer than 35 Min In Bed when having sex.

MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule is Strong at Boosting and giving you harder ERECTION So you can penetrated better, The Harder the Better.

You will have erections when you ready to have sex, and be able to maintain a rock-hard erection that gives her mind blowing sex. It gives permanent result.

Watery Sperm? Don’t Worry! The MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule Will Ensure your system is up to date and Watery Sperm will be thing of the Past in your Life. Just Take The MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY Herbal Capsule With Pure Natural Honey.

You will be able to give your woman more rounds of deep satisfying sex and last longer for up to 35 minutes…

No more embarrassing yourself or disappointing your woman due to Cumming quickly…

You will finally save your marriage or relationship with your spouse. She won’t look outside trying to cheat on you with another man, because you will be the only one that she craves for and satisfy her completely.

You Start to See Results… IMMEDIATELY!

The MEN POWER ENERGY TABLET CANDY is enough to completely cure your quick ejaculation and give you harder erection, increase libido in male . It corrects weakness of the penis, lost of sexual desire, quick ejaculation. It boosts sperm count and give a super hard rock erection for better sex enjoyment.

One more IMPORTANT thing…

About 76 people who got the Men Power Herbal Capsule also been battling with infection without even knowing but we have any solution for….

“Infection” wahala;

When you’re battling with Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus faecalis, Hepatitis, Salmonella species, Pheumoniae, Cystitis, Gonococcal and non gonococcal urethritis, Candidiasis, Vaginitis, Dysmenorrhea etc…  🙂

If by any way, you are battling with this, you might not know, before it become more severe that you might need the attention of doctors to be managing it for you, or you have been battling with infection for a very long time and you want to eliminate it completely.

If you want to regain freedom from all these life threatening infections

Then, this Men Power Candy Cleanser is for YOU…

A doctor friend in the one very Popular Hospital in Lagos recommended it to my friend… and it WORKED 100%.

No side effects now… for 4 years on.

Not only that it’s 100% made of pure herbs, by top USA researchers and scientists…

It fucking works like mad.

Only problem is, it’s hard and kinda expensive to get… but you’re covered 🙂

So that’s it…

If you are not happy with your performance in bed… and do not want to risk missing this introductory hugely discounted first batch,

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